Trifolium uniflorum L.

Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Trifolium
Species: uniflorum

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2 Responses to “Trifolium uniflorum L.”

  1. Dear Cosmin, How are you these days? How is the world of dragonflies? I see you have made a number of good sites to showcase your beautiful photos…well done. I have a query about these photos of Trifolium uniflorum for you – can you tell me the exact places where they were photographed? You see, I might be part of a Greece/New Zealand collection mission to Greece, including Crete, this year, and the main target is in fact T. uniflorum! We did collect in Greece (and Cyprus) last year, and had a very successful and fun, time – but did not manage to find T. uniflorum – hence this new mission! Thanks and very best wishes to you, Jose

  2. sending an email to you.


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