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  1. I am currently preparing an article for AROIDEANA, the journal of the International Aroid Society on the Arums I am attempting to grow in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. I would like to consider using your photographs of Arum concinnatum and Arum creticum.

    I would appreciate receiving your permission as well as how you would like the credit to read.

    David J. Leedy
    3151 Cortez Drive
    Fort Worth, TX 76116

    Telephone: (817) 560-2997

    USDA Hardiness Zone 8 (Avg. Annual Min. Temp. of 10 to 20˚ F. or -12 to -7˚ C.)
    AHS Heat Zone 9 (temperature above 86˚ F. or 30˚ C. 100 to 150 days/year)
    Mean Elevation is 670 ft. or 204 meters above sea level.
    Average annual precipitation is 34.73 inches or 0.882 meters.

  2. email sent.


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