Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Trifolium

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2 Responses to “Trifolium

  1. Hi there Cosmin!

    Your unidentified Trifolium looks like T. stellatum, especially so when more mature as in photo no. 4.

    By the way, your photos, all of them, are EXCELLENT…wish I could do half as good!!

    Josephine (in Australia now, not Syria any more – too bad there, sadly!)

  2. Hi Josephine,

    From what I remember at first I was too for T.stellatum here but don’t remember the motive decided to keep it only on Trofolium.

    Will study more when will have time.

    For me Australia is really just a dream, as Syria… but I hope this year to go in Iran for around a month in may.

    Thank for your interventions (always apreciated),

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