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Hello and thank you for the visit!

Here I’m trying to put together a photo album for the plants that I found and photographed in my trips, but also (in time, some day) some information about them. Here, with the exceptions of the orchids, can be found all plants photographed. For the orchids a separate website was created HERE.

UPDATE: 24.march.2022 – 500 species in more than 3000 photos (+ some that were not yet identified at species level, see here)

For now here can be found plants/photos done in Romania, Greece, Italy (if you are only interested in the plants I have photographed in a certain country just click on that country name in category section, WORK IN PROGRESS). You can browse for the species on families links (I have used the old larger sense, s.l., for some family like Liliaceae) or you can see all the species in one page (hope that soon there will be a very long list…). Or if you know what you want to see use the search form. A page with undetermined plants was created (for now there are only the plants for which I know at least the family)…. any help to ID them is welcome.

A page with all the photos can be seen here and the possibility to see the last 10 changes (a new family page, a new species page …) happened here was added.

I’m a biologist (more an entomologist), not a botanist so even if I tried my best  it is possible that you will find wrong identifications. One reason for that is the lack of good books. If it happens to see the mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them (more about me here).

Any comments/observations/critics are welcome, please put them here as comments or let me know.

The name used here are after the one found in database of: Plants of the World, Catalogue of Life, Flora Europea maintained by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (here), after Euro+Med Plantbase and/or The Plant List (collaboration between the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Missouri Botanical Garden).

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